Branding a coalition of Fortune 100 companies.

Some of America’s most valuable companies supported the founding of a trade organization to advocate for themselves on public policy issues, but the group lacked a brand. Standard Practice managed the creation of a visual identity and scalable web presence, including platform selection, design, development, and content creation.

Giving a tech edge to a traditional company.

A leading private company needed to recruit top-tier technical talent but had historically been associated with traditional industries, not software and engineering. It engaged Standard Practice on a series of programs, featuring top startup founders, CEOs and investors, to convene its employees with the greater tech community and technical students from some of the world’s top universities. We’ve also developed programming to position the client at the cutting edge of tech’s intersection with government for an audience of global elected officials.

Developing insights to scale a startup ecosystem.

A multi-billion dollar foundation had begun a new line of grantmaking to fund the development and growth of a nascent tech startup ecosystem in one of the U.S.’s top 10 metropolitan areas. But after two years and over 100 grants to various organizations, it didn’t know what was working, what wasn’t, and how to direct its grantmaking going forward. It engaged Standard Practice to assess its impact and rethink its approach to funding the ecosystem. We evaluated the foundation’s grants in the area through surveys, interviews, and data analysis. We developed metrics and indicators to analyze and assess the growth of the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we made recommendations to guide the foundation’s future grantmaking in this area.

Organizing executives to champion policies that drive entrepreneurship.

A Fortune 50 company engaged us to help educate and organize technology leaders in a European country where the entrepreneurial voice was infrequently heard, and identifying existing organizations needing assistance and resources.

Using technology to produce better health outcomes.

One of the world’s largest foundations and a leading NGO wanted to use technology to drive better health outcomes through sanitation practices and access to clean water. They engaged our team to evaluate the role gamification via mobile devices could play in encouraging good sanitation and hygiene in the developing world. By using simple and adaptive prototypes and UX best practice, we were able to conclusively demonstrate the success of this technique. Our team also designed and developed the an interactive online tool and the multimedia outreach campaign for the clients to promote proper maintenance of water-related infrastructure.